Innovative Self-aligned Bearing Adapter

Conventional methods of installing or removing bearings from a rotor assembly is either by using a bearing puller or by applying heat (torch or induction heater)

The innovative design of Centric ensures that bearings can be easily installed or removed by just using turning tools (hex key). Hence, this shall eliminate the risk of damaging the bearings or shafts due to overheating or forcibly removal. Apart from that, Centric is also able to function as a self-centeringbearing thus minimizing misalignments.


  • Centric is placed in between bearing and shaft. This innovation shall:

    • Helps to reduce or eliminate rotor misalignment

    • Ease of installation of bearing onto the shaft

    • Easier to maintain –Damaged bearing or centric can easily be replaced

    • Eliminate risks of damaging the shaft or the bearing by eradicating conventional bearing removal methods via bearing puller or induction heater

  • Expandable ferrules acts as the device that apply gripping force onto the shaft and the bearing. The gripping force can be adjusted by tuning the fasteners located at clamping collar A

  • The bearings provides necessary supports for the weight of the rotor

  • Able to function as a self-centeringbearing thus minimizing misalignments.

Proprietary Clamping Mechanism of Centric