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Transforming Run-Down Equipment into "Gold“

The services of equipment are usually referred to as "Regular Repair" in the industry. It is the traditional way to fix up a broken or worn-out piece of equipment.

The typical process includes taking it apart, repairing or replacing its worn-out parts, and assembling it back. For regular repair, works activity is based on as-found condition, and no further improvement is made to the equipment. The equipment is still functional but not performing at its best and not giving users the full benefits and improvement needed.

Introducing ProEight R&R, Re-Engineer, and Re-Juvenate. It is an innovative process and service to convince you that your legacy equipment can be re-engineered and re-juvenated. It is an alternative to buying a replacement or merely accepting a regular repair approach.

Our R&R processes offer brand-new functioning equipment at the cost of a regular repair. R&R is a high-quality process and service, certified with Specification API Q1 standard.

With R&R, you can improve your equipment's life to deliver more value and perform at its peak.

Five Components of R&R