Re-Engineer & Re-Juvenate (R&R)

Re-Engineer & Re-Juvenate (R&R) - Precision Manufacturing

By utilizing precision manufacturing, it allows us to increase automation capabilities while enhancing production output and minimizing error as well as avoidable costs. One of the most commonly used machines in ProEight is the Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine. In the past, it required human labor to make parts. The tolerance had to be manually measured, which means there could be some errors since the measurement devices couldn’t get that accurate.

The job of a CNC machine in precision manufacturing is that it allows parts with precise dimensions and tolerances to be produced. With precision manufacturing, ProEight can take almost any project and make it a reality while meeting strict tolerances, managing client budgets, and ensuring that the production deadlines are met. We believe that clients’ satisfaction is vital for every business; hence we aim to produce products with zero flaws that offer clients peace of mind and value for money.