Re-Engineer & Re-Juvenate (R&R)

Re-Engineer & Re-Juvenate (R&R) - Testing & Verification

We believe that testing is essential in developing a quality product. It helps us create reliable products within specific technical standards and deliver high-quality products that meet clients’ expectations. ProEight has also developed its own patented testing machines in-house such as Accutest seals static tester, Accutest seals dynamic tester, and Accutest Pump Performance Tester, which complies with API 610 and ANSI/HI 14.6 Standards.

This testing proves our commitment to quality and reliable products. Another aspect that we pay attention to aside from testing is Verification. All products new or refurbished need to undergo a verification process. Verification is the process where our Quality Control team evaluates work-products of a development phase to determine whether they meet the specified requirements. It helps ensure that the product is built according to the requirements and design specifications as agreed by clients.

We believe that Verification at the starting phase of the development will help understand the product in a better way and reduce the chances of failures in the product. We always ensure that upon every analysis done at our side, our clients are being briefed for them to make sound decisions based on consultation provided by the ProEight team.