State-of-the-Art Mechanical Seal

R.S.T MECHAFLEX is compact, built with simplicity in design and incorporates the innovative sealing unit, FLEXICAL.

MECHAFLEX is proved to be yet another great innovation through ProEight’s extensive research and development, incorporating the patented, state-of-the-art sealing unit; the FLEXICAL. Field performance has proven that MECHAFLEX can successfully perform in most problematic and difficult pumps with demanding environments, providing the best sealing solution.

Range of R.S.T Mechanical Seals

R.S.T. Mechaflex

Incorporates Simplistic Design and Patented Flexical to Improve Seal Robustness for Various Sealing Applications

R.S.T. Mechaflex Centrifuge

Incorporates Impeller Type as a Pumping Device Inside the Mechanical Seal to Increase Flow Circulation

R.S.T. Mechaflex Extreme

Incorporates Revolutionary Patented Flexical & Metal Bellow for Toughest Operating Conditions

R.S.T. Mechaflex VortexEYE

Incorporates Revolutionary Patented Flexical & Laser patented face for maintenance-free operations