ProEight's mechanical seals are the culmination of extensive research and development which were designed to deliver outstanding reliability and performance, in conformance to API Standard. ProEight offers a range of mechanical seals that caters to the needs of industrial users. Each mechanical seals is designs through innovative design concepts, and manufactured with outstanding manufacturing quality. ProEight’s mechanical seals represent a collection of trusted products that is supported by strong after-market services, providing users with reliability, safety and environmental benefits.

The implementation of the new standards provides a sealing system that improve reliability, maintainability and standardization, strongly increasing interchangeability of the components, resulting in consistent reduction in lifecycle costs. One of our strengths is the unmatched ability to deliver engineered seal product orders within 24 hours of our customer's request. At ProEight, we take pride in our ability to help customers improve reliability, make a positive environmental impact and reduce operating expenses. The range of seals available includes vessel and agitator seals for pharmaceutical applications, heavy-duty slurry seals, high performance low emission petroleum seals and a variety of elastomer, formed and metal bellows seals suited to numerous applications.

Series of Mechanical Seal