ProEight is committed to meet the needs of its clients and to deliver high standard of development and value added services, through comprehensive quality system and implementation. ProEight will identify and strive to meet the quality needs and expectations of its clients.


ProEight is able to provide comprehensive quality management in its productions and services and committed to deliver continuous quality improvements in its products and services. To continuously improve the quality of ProEight's products and services, the company will develop quality objectives on an annual basis which will endeavour:

  • To work with ProEight's supply chain system in ensuring that the communication of requirements and identification of opportunities are properly managed.
  • To continuously review and assess competencies of all ProEight's personnel and supply chain system.
  • To ensure that effective trainings are delivered to all personnel with the provision and dissemination of knowledge among personnel and clients alike.
  • To coordinate and improve material specifications and innovations with clients and suppliers, and to ensure only high quality materials are used throughout the service and manufacturing processes.


The management system is documented so that it can be interpreted consistently, readily communicated and continuously improved through audit and review. Employees are expected to follow the documented procedures and to identify any areas where practice can be improved, thereby contributing to the continuity of growth of the company.Our Quality Management System meet the requirements of API Specification Q1 and ISO 9001:2015. ProEight has been certified by: American Petroleum Institute (API) and INTERTEK in the following categories:

  • Provision of Engineering Design, Procurement, Manufacturing and Refurbishment of Mechanical Seals and Parts.
  • Provision of Engineering Research and Development of Mechanical Seals and Equipment.